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мод на игру earn to die 2 много денег

Мод на игру earn to die 2 много денег

At the beginning of each qualifying period, players are rewarded a number of tier credits based on their achieved tier status level. For your convenience, we offer a 6-month qualification period.

Tier credit balances can be viewed online at MyInsider. Yes, tier credits expire at the end of each new qualification period: January 7 and July 7 of each year. Advanced levels include: Insider Plus, Insider Ultimate, Insider Select and VCard. In addition to a tier achievement offer, each tier level is associated with its own exclusive set of special benefits and privileges.

The first time tier achievement offer is awarded based on achieving a greater tier status during a qualifying period. Renewal offers are awarded during the qualification period once you re-qualify at your current status.

Both offers are redeemable at any promotional kiosk.

Special bonuses will be available during each qualifying period based on the amount of current tier credits earned. You can view your current tier status, expiration date and number of tier credits required to achieve the next tier level at MyInsider.

Tier credits are not earned on point multipliers and other promotional мод на игру earn to die 2 много денег bonuses. Only earned points calculate towards achieved tier status. The V Card members must earn a minimum of 35,000 tier credits within a 6-month qualification period. You will be notified each time you achieve a new tier status. Most tier benefits are available automatically. The earning period for tier зарабатывание денег играя в игры без вложений qualification is twice per year: January 1 - July 7 and July 1 - January 7.]



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